Dreamweaver is among the most widespread desktop applications for making professionally looking websites. It has plenty of features which include a wide selection of templates and it gives you the opportunity to create interactive menus and buttons without the need for computer programming skills or previous experience. Of course, more experienced users can create or modify the website code manually as well. In addition, you are able to include contact forms to make it easier for your website visitors to contact you. Dreamweaver has a lot of advantages compared to online web design platforms - you can generate and update various sites simultaneously, and you'll always have a backup on your machine if you delete content from your website hosting server by accident. You are able to publish and update a site designed with Dreamweaver straight from the app.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Hosting
You'll be able to employ Dreamweaver in order to create your site with each hosting that we offer due to the fact that our advanced cluster platform is Dreamweaver-compatible. Everything you will need to do is type in the FTP information for your account inside the program settings and you'll be able to publish any kind of content which you generate on your machine directly to our servers. Thus you'll be able to eliminate any third-party FTP software and you shall not need to use even your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel. Maintaining your website up-to-date will not require anything different - you'll be able to make as many adjustments as you'd like both at home and at work and once you publish the site, Dreamweaver will connect to our servers and it'll replace the older files with the revised ones, so your update will go online instantly.
Dreamweaver Compatible in Semi-dedicated Servers
All the semi-dedicated servers that we offer support sites created with Dreamweaver, so if you have this website design app already installed on your desktop or laptop and you're used to working with it, you can use it in order to create your website. If you input the FTP sign in information for your account on our end inside the program settings, you are able to publish your site directly on our servers, eliminating the need to use various third-party FTP software or even the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Updating your website is performed in the very same way - make the changes on your end, save them, afterward publish them. By using a couple of FTP accounts with access to separate domain folders you may even use Dreamweaver to maintain several different websites at the same time.